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Rotary hammer Stomer SRD-1700-K

Magnesium alloy gearbox successfully cools the gear and the instrument does not overheat. Two additional handles allow you to work with the tool without any additional devices , and AVS anti-vibration system and rubberized grip builder protect hands from excessive vibration. Perforator SRD- 1700 -K has two operating modes : kick and hammer drilling , and therefore has no trouble slotting , drilling holes for outlets and other works on concrete and brick . For easy storage and carrying plastic case comes with punch .

Бренд: Stomer

Category: Power-tools

Group: Rotary hammer

Model: BBS-801N

Duration: 1.23 min



Technical specifications:

Power input: 1700W

Leerlaufdrehzahl: 160 - 320

Max diameter of a hole in concrete 50 mm

Machine weight: 9,5 kg

Product features:

- Magnesium alloy gearbox

- Leather lining


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