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Circular saw SCS-185

Powerful, professional circular saw . Copes with the work of sawing wood. Comfortable rubberized handle and Laser guide for accurate cuts , will work with the circular saw pleasant and efficient . The casing is made of a circular saw magnesium alloy and has the technical ability to connect a vacuum cleaner . This enables a circular saw in a virtually dust-free . Saw blade diameter 185 mm is enough for cuts 62 mm right angle and 41 mm at an angle of 45 ˚. This circular saw will be useful not only for professional builders , but also for beginners builders on construction of a country house or a house. Do not forget when working with a circular saw to use personal protective equipment.

Бренд: Stomer

Category: Power-tools

Group: Circular saw

Model: BBS-801N

Duration: 0.53 min



Technical specifications:

Power input: 1350W

Idle speed, rev / min: 5000

Cutting depth: 90 degrees, mm: 62

Machine weight: 4,3 kg

Product features:

- Powerful engine

- Laser guide

- Magnesium alloy casing

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